The weekend storm resulted in widespread flooding in the North Shores community, with many streets under water, and most of our lots with significant amounts of standing water on the surface. Our Security team reports that they have not seen clear evidence of water in any of the homes, but it is of course possible that some flooding occurred in ground floor areas and crawl spaces, and homeowners should take steps to inspect their properties as soon as possible. We have several trees down in the neighborhood, particularly on Cedar Road, and some of those trees have fallen onto houses. Most of the trees that came down had their roots uprooted so it appears that the trees fell slowly, and that may have limited the damage to affected homes. North Shores Security is contacting owners of affected homes directly, where the tree damage is apparent. The north end of the community was particularly affected by floodwaters, and owners along the canal and to the north should inspect their properties as soon as possible. Several homes appear to have lost roof shingles, but damage seems to have been fairly limited given the ferocity of this storm.

Our dune performed its sacrificial role, but we have lost about three to four feet of beach elevation. Our sand fence is destroyed, and will need to be replaced, and we will be evaluating options on dune restoration in the coming weeks. Our crossovers appear to have held without significant damage. While our dunes have been severely scraped, our sense is that given the damage to the north end of the Rehoboth Boardwalk, we have fared relatively well. We will provide further updates on our beach restoration plans as they evolve.

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The North Shores Board of Governors is the governing body of the North Shores community located adjacent to Henlopen Acres and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

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North Shores is a private community established by two young developers, J. Rodney King of Georgetown, Delaware, and Daniel G. Anderson, of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

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North Shores Business Office

   Office Manager: Dion Johnson
   Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am - 1pm
Friday 11am - 1pm
   Phone: (302) 227-6136